Col Lovfresh is a distributor of the Profound Pure Ormus range of products.



  • Unlocks energy
  • Enhances mental clarity and mindfulness
  • Supports overall vitality and wellbeing
  • Free EMF proof pouch included
  • 40 day supply

Contains 92 monatomic elements from: The Dead Sea, Hawaiian Volcanic, Himalayan, and Celtic Grand Pacific.


1-2 teaspoons serving size daily.
This 200ml bottle will supply for 40 days.

AU $49.95 Free Shipping For orders within Australia.

"it is an effortless addition to my daily routine. It feels incredible to know I am
giving my body exactly what it needs, but rarely gets."

Crafted to perfection

When choosing the best Ormus it is important to consider the variety of elements it contains. Profound Pure Ormus contains the widest variety of elements possible, by carefully extracting the Ormus elements from a range of pristine ocean mineral deposits across the world, producing every monatomic element your being consists of AND requires to thrive. Replenish all of your monatomic needs so you can obtain the widest range of benefits with Profound Pure Ormus.


Vesna Scott

A friend told me about Profound Ormus - now I can't start my day without it! It's given me a new lease on life after taking it for just a few days! I feel more intune, vibrant, and aware. Apart from the spiritual benefits, Ormus has completely re-invigorated my life. I have more energy throughout the day and I just feel so much healthier!

Gaven Ridsdale

Profound was the only Ormus brand I felt confident in because it's certified. When I took my first spoonful I immediately felt the difference. My thought clarity and focus improved while my mood felt uplifted. I apply it to my psoriasis when it flares up and it completely clears without the use of harmful steroids.

Natalie Maksimovic

Profound Ormus has helped me in so many ways! Most importantly, I feel calmer and more at peace. Not only that but my eyelashes are longer, my hair is thicker, and my skin is glowing - I love it! So glad I found it!

Kept pure.

  • Contained in a leach free glass flask.
  • Untouched by EMF's
  • Suspended in distilled water
  • Completely free from preservatives, pesticides, fluoride, or any other toxicities of any kind... We keep our product pure to keep you pure as well.

Certified tested & assayed

We don't cut corners. We routinely get our Ormus assayed by our friends at Symbio Laboratories to make sure we have the purest and most effective Ormus available.

100% natural.

  • Made with only natural ingredients.
  • Organic.
  • GMO free.
  • Keto friendly.
  • Vegan.
  • Cruelty free.

Keep your Ormus protected.

Monatomic elements are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. Every bottle comes with an EMF-proof pouch to maintain the potency of your Ormus.

Customer Care

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