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Pumpkin is widely grown field crops around the world a fast-growing vine belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. They are native to North America. They greatly vary in their shape, size, and color. Pumpkins are the important part of Halloween festival people used to carve them to decorate their houses as Jack O’Lanterns for lightning or as a pie for thanksgiving during the festival.
Pumpkin skin varies in color with a thick rind of orange, yellow, white and green, with the yellow soft pulp inside. Pumpkin is a great source of beta-carotene and antioxidant its seeds are also rich in minerals, protein and vitamins.
Health Benefits of Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a solid source of the nutrient and high in both vitamin C and beta-carotene good enough to boost your immunity.
Pumpkin works as a filler to our appetite and rich in potassium helps restore electrolytes lost after a heavy workout and keeps muscles functioning.
They are the great source of vitamin A which is good for your eye health.
Pumpkin contains carotids helps to make your skin wrinkle and blemishes free.
Pumpkin can be helpful if you are planning to cut off your weight as it is a fiber rich food.

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