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Food can be several to eat, but few of the super food which are power packed gift from nature to us. For a healthy mind and body.
Today I am listing down few healthiest foods easily available in local markets and now you can buy fresh fruit and vegetable online also.
Cabbage has been a health food. The antioxidants present in cabbage help to fight free radicals and prevent from stress and other diseases. It is the best medicine for the people suffering from high cholesterol and cancer. The fiber amount in the cabbage will help to keep your digestive system fit by all means.
The one of the super food packed with vitamins and fiber helps to regulate functioning of the digestive system. Some of the benefits of sweet potato are they boost the immune system, lower the risk of heart attack and keeps skin healthy.
The leafy veggie you can get it fresh, canned or frozen in the markets near you. This nutritious dense vegetable has many essential contents favorable for a healthy body. Spinach provides the great amount of energy, iron to our body. It is also low in calorie and help with weight loss.
One of the awesome food in this list, fill with nutrient, minerals and vitamins such as fiber, calcium, vitamin C and K. Broccoli prevents from cancer. Works great for eyes and keeps bones strong.
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